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About our company

Who we are

Blackdivine is a leading market-driven internet technologies company.

Established in 2009 Blackdivine focus on delivering digital experiences that connect with people’s lives. At the core of all of our developments and investments is the understanding of our target markets trends and needs.

Our mission is to harness the power of digital interactivity to make daily life easier, more fun and productive for people all over the world.



We are a leading internet group

Blackdivine began as an idea and has evolved into a major brand that changes the way people interact with each other, share and create information.

We are a seed-stage venture capital fund and a Startup Lab

We started Blackdivine because we believed we could build, grow, and accelerate ideas. We apply the same philosophy to other’s people ideas we believe in. Building on this principle, we invest smart-money in other companies and we create Startup Labs to share our experience and savoir-faire to accelerate the growth of companies in a unique way.

They Trust Us

Blackdivine engages with brands who want to accelerate their growth through leveraging the digital world

Blackdivine Venture

Our Investment Arm

Blackdivine Venture is the venture capital arm of Blackdivine, focused on early-stage investment in technology-centric consumer Internet companies. Our investment policy is very different from that of many capital providers. We do not adopt an economy of scales logic when it comes to our investment portfolio.

Our Offer

Blackdivine Venture is not a Venture Capital Fund. It is not an incubator either. However, we have designed a model in which we mix the best services of both worlds and blend them into an ecosystem that has proven to be a concrete help for startup firms in the first stages of their lives.

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