Our Offer

Blackdivine Venture is not a Venture Capital Fund. It is not an incubator either. However, we have designed a model in which we mix the best services of both worlds and blend them into an ecosystem that has proven to be a concrete help for startup firms in the first stages of their lives. We want to use our smart money to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in the value-adding processes that take place within the Blackdivine realm.Since each startup has specific obstacles to overcome, you might not deem every service listed useful, and the ones you do need might be tailored to your own specific issues. We want our offer to fit to each company we invest in, making a strong case for our adaptable and fast paced nature: there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all at Blackdivine Venture.

You will find below a list of all the resources and capabilities that we can put into our effort to accompanyyou towards success. The following will be used to help all the companies we invest in.


We are here to accompany you on your road to success, and the most obvious way we do this is by providing you the funds you need in order to develop your solution. What is more, we provide Smart Money; we want our money to create opportunities for you and your team to become even better entrepreneurs and to go farther down the road.

Top tiers service providers

Over the years, we have developed preferred ties with many professionals whose services are essential to a startup company’s success. We therefore are in a position to give you access to specialized lawyers, HR experts, accounting firms, banks, VCs and many more.

Business Development access to decision-makers and corporate resources

Since we know many actors of the Internet industry, our contacts can help you in securing strong business leads. Therefore, building your first strategic partnerships and/or engaging with your first clients will be much easier than cold-calling prospects.

Technical and marketing knowledge-sharing

We have a pool of genuinely talented programmers and marketing professionals working with us. Although we don’t dedicate our teams to the development of your company, we always adopt an open-door policy when you might have a question about how to go around a given problem, reach a specific goal or just need general advice. Being able to tap into this group of dedicated Internet specialists is very valuable to any startup, at all stages of the life of a company.

We are also able to provide other services that will help your company to scale faster and build a stronger ecosystem. We however can’t guarantee that each and every company we partner with will benefit from those services, since it is a very personal Here are those services:

Office solutions

If you are at a stage of your company’s life where you might profit immensely from being nurtured in an office environment, Blackdivine could welcome you in its offices in Miami, Florida for a short period of time. This would entail access to office space and its facilities, events and IT services.

Access to a large pool of entrepreneurs

Since we want to create an effective synergy with our portfolio companies, we believe there needs to be face to face contact between you and us whenever one party feels it necessary. We would prefer you to be in one of the areas where we have offices or are often active. It does not mean that we are completely overlooking other locations, but we will look with more interest at files that are in the following metro areas: Los Angeles, New York City, Paris (France) and London (UK).The perks of having been for a long time in the tech industry, and in the entrepreneurial world in particular, is that we got to know and appreciate many other entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for great people to become future partners, business leads, technical helpers, future employees or looking for basic networking opportunities. Blackdivine is your open door into a strong community of smart, engaging and innovative entrepreneurs.

While it is not guaranteed that you will benefit from all of these services at the same time, it is possible that we help you in other ways that we have not thought of yet. The nature of our operational assistance is different for each startup, but we always focus on the entrepreneurs and their specific needs at a certain point in time, and we strive to bring our help in the best way we possibly can. We put the human aspect at the forefront of our investing policy because we believe that driving companies to success requires a strong, particular fit between entrepreneur and investor.

Initially, we would like you to write us an email so that we can know more about you. The next step will be us contacting you in order to design together the ideal frame of our cooperation, in order to study the feasibility of the investment for all parties concerned.

We are really looking forward to discovering you and your project Contact us now!