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Stylerecovery.com is the first online store to sell and buy designer fashion in the US. Do you have high-end brands you no longer wear in your closet? We know how hard it is to sell your lightly worn items for the price they are worth. Thanks to Style Recovery, selling your exclusive designer clothing second hand becomes extremely simple.

Launched in 2012 and operating in the United States of America, Style Recovery is the first online store to sell and buy designer fashion. It is an easy way for sellers to sell their designer products they do not wear anymore and for buyers to purchase authentic designer products. Designer clothing, bags and shoes, you name it, our online store has it all. Style Recovery is not only a designer clothes shopping website, it is also a free community where fashion addicts can share their passion for designer products. Our objective is to create an interactive community of fashion lovers. If you are addicted to fashion but missing the budget, come and discover our website.