Blackdivine is a leading internet company with multiple fast-growing, highly-related brands serving loyal consumer audiences with operations in the US and Europe. Blackdivine is privately held and profitable.

Blackdivine’s office is located in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London. Our facility is designed to foster an open collaborative process of communication and information sharing among employees of Blackdivine and our operating companies.

Most other funding sources have been moving upstream, looking for companies that have at least a beta/prototype, a business plan, and some structured idea where they are going. We are looking to become involved earlier then that. We are looking for great ideas and great people and will help develop great companies around them.

Blackdivine looks to invest in capital efficient businesses that are providing unique solutions to serious problems. While we favor experienced entrepreneurs, we’re not opposed to funding first time founders who have a clear vision and are focused on executing. We like to play around with a working prototype, and get excited about areas where we have significant domain expertise and can add value. Overall, great management teams operating in large and growing markets that are solving unique problems that we can add value to are the best situations for us.

Yes. We fund technology oriented companies, typically these are web-based.

We will offer each selected company/team a first investment of between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on the number of team members and other circumstances. In addition, each company will receive valuable service and counsel from top service providers, and priceless guidance from mentors, advisors and other participants. In return, we will receive a % passive equity stake in your company.

No, you simply need to send your exec summary or ppt. We are searching for companies who have identified a true market opportunity and a way to fill it.

Yes, although we are more likely to accept proposals from small teams as there is a lot to get done when starting a company. If we really like your idea and you apply by yourself, we may recommend other people to you who can join your team.

Business talent, legal and accounting services and counsel, mentoring, office space, guidance from leading visionaries, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, introduction to great business people and contacts to help you get to the next level.

You choose where to live and work.

We want you to stay focused and work hard to build your prototype or market-ready product. We also hope that you will be open to our ideas and suggestions. Other then that, we want you to enjoy starting your company!

Because entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs! We are a group of entrepreneurs who truly enjoy helping startups And if you create the next Google or Facebook, our small, passive, non-voting stake in your company will be worth a lot of money and you will be worth much, much, much more. That would feel good all around.

No (except that if you are under 18 you will need parental permission to participate). We care about your idea and your ability, but not your age. While we expect that most of our applicants will be between 18-35, great ideas happen at every age.

We do not care where you are from.

No. We simply see too many ideas and too many companies to sign an NDA. While the more explicit you are about your idea the better we will be able to evaluate it, send us only as much information as you are comfortable disclosing.