Our brands

Ugotawish.com is the first luxury women's second hand shopping and community website operated in Europe.

As a search engine and thousands of members devoted to fashion, ugotawish.com brings the best brands allowing users to cross-shop hundreds of thousands of luxury used apparels and kids products - all in one single site.
With its popular E-magazine, ugotawish.com also has one of the most exciting fashion communities on the web. Ugotawish.com is here to keep users updated on all the latest fashion news, trends, collections and designers at all times. Where to shop, what to buy, who has the best looks, ugotawish.com will make sure you know it all.

Toyslegend: the first shopping website where toys can be recycled. Your children’s closets are full of old and hidden treasures? Feel like weeding out some toys before more come into the house? Toyslegend.com is the answer!

Launched end of 2011, Toyslegend.com is the first online shopping website where people buy and sell second hand toys. Parents can now give new life to their children’s old toys. Dolls, video games, board games... Toyslegend has it all! The aim of this new eco-friendly concept is to raise parents and children’s awareness of the environmental risks our world is currently facing. Toyslegend also enables its members to share tips on how to be a responsible consumer. In order to avoid disappointments, consumers are satisfied or refunded. On Toyslegend.com, both parents and children will find happiness!

Stylerecovery.com is the first online store to sell and buy designer fashion in the US. Do you have high-end brands you no longer wear in your closet? We know how hard it is to sell your lightly worn items for the price they are worth. Thanks to Style Recovery, selling your exclusive designer clothing second hand becomes extremely simple.

Launched in 2012 and operating in the United States of America, Style Recovery is the first online store to sell and buy designer fashion. It is an easy way for sellers to sell their designer products they do not wear anymore and for buyers to purchase authentic designer products. Designer clothing, bags and shoes, you name it, our online store has it all. Style Recovery is not only a designer clothes shopping website, it is also a free community where fashion addicts can share their passion for designer products. Our objective is to create an interactive community of fashion lovers. If you are addicted to fashion but missing the budget, come and discover our website.

CheckHimOut, finally a dating website where women have the power! Launched beginning of 2012, CheckHimOut is the first dating website where women are "shopping" around and able to pick the men they want by actually placing them into a shopping cart.

No more flooded inboxes, spam, or unwanted attention from an abundance of men: women are the superior gender and can choose who they wish to communicate with. Women are on a brand new market where they can objectify men as they please and are in complete control of their online dating experience. Thanks to CheckHimOut finding the perfect match is now possible!

Gleeden.com is the number one international dating platform for married people with more than 3 millions registered members in 159 countries.

Finally putting an end to married people hiding out on singles websites! Married people from now on can be open about their relationship status, and search for lovers or friends all the world over, in a safe and secure environment.